About Us

Best Location a company incorporated in the year 2015 in the Kingdom of Bahrain to provide real estate solutions for every category in the property market including brokerage, valuation, and management. We are part of a group of companies in the kingdom of Bahrain specialized in diverse felds including Trading, Manufacturing, and contracting.

Our Services

Property Valuation

At Best Location our team of highly qualifed chartered surveyors uphold the highest international valuation standards, showcasing a wealth of knowledge within the local markets and presenting detailed considerations of the current market dynamics. We aim to provide comprehensive and non-biased property valuations which focus on accuracy.

Residential & Commercial Sale & Leasing

Best Location offers a turnkey solution when it comes to purchasing a property or short & long term leasing. Our team of professionals have an abundance of expertise within the local property market which ensures our customers receive the highest level of service.

Property And Facility Managment

We at Best Location offer a comprehensive property and facility management service to ensure a stress free and reliable management of your asset.

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