Best Location a company incorporated in the year 2015 in the Kingdom of Bahrain to provide real estate solutions for every category in the property market including brokerage, valuation, and management. We are part of a group of companies in the kingdom of Bahrain specialized in diverse fields including Trading, Manufacturing, and contracting.

Best Location decided to enter into the real estate market to take advantage of the demand in the market. Our target and vision is to increase our market share and take advantage of the investors and end user market. On the other hand with our experienced team of evaluators we are striving to be one of the leading evaluators in the kingdom of Bahrain.

Our services include Brokerage, valuation, management, and maintenance. Consisting of a strong team of professional and experienced sales people, highly motivated and energetic with outstanding combined experience in the real estate industry our company has targeted many clients in the market that were interested in our professional services. Our Team consists of professionals with diverse experience in different fields including property valuation, architecture, and engineering. Our clientele list includes some of the leading developers and individuals in the kingdom of Bahrain.

The company has been thriving since its incorporation and has been increasing its clientele list. Recently it moved to office in the Seef district to take advantage of the location. Our vision is to grow and reflect that growth to our clients by guiding them and managing there assets.

Find Us

Office 32, Building 2728,
Road 3649, Block 436,
Seef District, Kingdom of Bahrain
Saturday & Thursday: 8:00AM–4:00PM